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JBL Pulse portable Bluetooth speaker: The mobile speaker with a built-in light show

A lot of portable Bluetooth speakers are available in the market which are not very different from one another. It then feels good to come across a product like JBL's Pulse,

Amazon phone, hit or miss?

http://techecoideas.com/articles/2014/07/amazon-phone-hit-or-miss.phpA new idea may seem to be a great one when charted on paper. However, when push comes to shove, the idea may not be as good as it seems in real life. Amazon has found this out the hard way after their phone, the Amazon Fire has not done as well as expected.

According to an approximation made by The Guardian’s Charles Arthur the number of phones sold by Amazon so far are just 35,000.

Many believed that the Amazon Fire, the first 3D phone was tough to sell, as many users were not easily convinced by the 3D feature. Also, the high end priced attached to the phone made it even tougher to sell.

The ultimate problem with the Fire Phone was that Amazon ended up serving itself more than it really served its customers.

Two months after Amazon’s Fire Phone was announced and 30 days after it officially went on sale in the... Read More

China launches its own mobile and computer operating system

http://techecoideas.com/articles/2014/07/china-launches-mobile-and-computer-operating-system.phpThe end of Windows and Android is China is near.

China has been known for being a highly innovative nation when it comes to nationalist technology. Well, this time they have launched am operating system for its citizens. It is compatible on both, computers as well as mobiles.

At the same time, China’s government has been known for having complete control of the software market.This is the latest sign that the government authorities are going to use home-grown domestic technology.

This is a stance that could kill a huge market share that Android and Apple have in China.

The goal of doing such a thing is toreducethe country’sreliance on foreign software companies like the United States of America.

The new Agency that is controlled by the stated, Xinhua News reported citing that... Read More

Malaysia Airlines forced to cut thousands of jobs

http://techecoideas.com/articles/2014/06/malaysia-airlines-forced-to-cut-thousands-of-jobs.phpThe situation for Malaysia Airlines just keeps getting bad to worse. What is even sadder for them is that the current situation they are in is not at all their fault. They have been forced into cutting down as many as 6,000 jobs as a part of anextensiverenovation that follows the loss of two of their aircrafts earlier during the year.

It is known that close to 30% of their employees were relieved of their duties by State investor Khazanah which owns nearly 70% of the airline. Khazanah also proclaimedthat they will create a new corporation that will absorb majority of the airlines current existing assets.

The plan of Khazanah is to buy out their minority shareholders and then de-list Malaysia Airlines. After that process, the assets will be shifted to the new company. The new company which is then... Read More

Nike leads in the competition of sports brands on Wall Street

http://techecoideas.com/articles/2014/06/nike-leads-in-the-competition-sports-brands-on-wall-street.phpThe FIFA World Cup fever is on and it has its impact on almost everything today. It’s not just about a battle of football playing nations on the field but also a competition between two leading global sports brands: Nike and Adidas. Speaking of which, Nike seems to be in the winning position for now.

Good news for Nike (NKE) as its latest financial results were way past expectations and the company’s shares went up by nearly 2%.

Rated as the world's leading athletic footwear brand, Nike declared that its total revenue in the fourth quarter was up by 11% to about $7.4 billion.

For the entire fiscal year, that ended May 31, the product lines that contributed to this positive growth included running, basketball and women's training.

Nike's current fastest growing sectorisFootball... Read More

Steve Ballmer has ended his relationship with Microsoft

http://techecoideas.com/articles/2014/06/steve-ballmer-ended-his-relationship-with-microsoft.phpSteve Ballmer has quit Microsoft from the post of Chief Executive Officer last year and now taken a decision to completely quit from the company by stepping down from the board of directors as well. He however still owns 333 million shares of the company.

Ballmer announced publically through a letter to Satya Nadella, who took his place as Chief Executive Officer, that he is shifting his focus to the Los Angeles Clippers. Ballmer bought the Clippers abasketball team for $2 billion.

Ballmer wrote, 'I bleed Microsoft — have for 34 years and I always will.' He was the successor to Bill Gates and was also one of the first 30 employees of the company when it started out.

He further mentioned in his letter to Nadella, emphasizing the importance of making so called 'big bets' in the modern tech world.... Read More